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PT Forinco Is A representative of Five Companies The Companies Is Helper , Sdyiyi, Soonforward, Zhengyajixie and JnBst

Auto Feeder Packaging Machine

Auto Feeder Packaging Machine

SFDB Servo Motor

SFDB Servo Motor - Controlled Packaging Machine

High Speed Reciprocating Pharmaceutical

High Speed Reciprocating Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

Easy Sausage Processing

We Provide Processing Machine For Sausage.



Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt

Digital Metal Detector

Amplitude and phase detecting techniques improve the sensitivity Advanced filter and clustering algorithm suppress the product effect Phase control and vibration abatement algorithm enhance the anti-jamming performance High speed processor and intelligent detecting algorithm enhance the accuracy and stability Product self-learning and manual editing function



We proudly announced that Food Machinery Solution Company Pt Forinco Ancol Ltd has been found!


 Who we are?

Pt Forinco Ancol Ltd is the exclusive representative of leading Food Machinery manufactories in China which are Shi Jia Zhuang Helper Machinery Co.,Ltd ; Shandong Ningjin Yiyi Mesh Belt Co., Ltd ; Qingdao Zhengya Machinery Technology Co., Ltd ; Qingdao Soonforward Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd ; Jinan Boost Electronic and Mechanical Device Co., Ltd. All of them have more than twenty years’ industry experience with latest technology. All of them have excellent reputation and after sale warranty system among consumers. Their products have been sold to USA, Europe, Asia and South America, and now they ready to serve Indonesia!


 What we do?

Our staffs are commitment to help our client to solve any problems or upgrade that happened on production process line. We will give you a solution that only fit your need with least investments. Our products portfolio includes food preparation, processing, packing and quality control& test technology. We not only offer the stand single alone machine, but also turnkey solution for you and excellent after sale service completes the package.


 Our Goal and Ambition

The successful case will be after applied our solution, you gain far better efficiency on your line within reasonable budget, and also faster return on your investment.

Some key points help you understand when using our solutions are:

Upgrade or modify existing equipment= improved Product Output and eliminate waste.

Minimum Downtime and Reduce Machine Cycle time= Save labor and Increased Productivity

Provide You staff training and maintenance service = Worry Free for your daily activities

Product quality and hygiene assurance = Less Defects and lower risk of Compensation

Compact machines= Less Building Cost

Overall , We are on same side and we work together with our clients to achieve the best result!



Automate Solution Expert For Food Processing Machinery Pasta , Noodle , Sausage , Meat and much more...

Featured Products

Meat Process - Filling Machine Series

Vacuum Dosing Filling Machine

Meat Process - Sealing Machine Series

Mechanical Great Wall Double-clip Tying Machine

Meat Process - High Speed Twisting Machine Series

Zx Sausage Binding Machine

Meat Process - High Speed Twisting Machine Series

High Speed Twisting Machine

Meat Process - Smoke Oven Series


Meat Process - Smoke Oven Series

Sausage Hanging Truck

Meat Process - Cut Mixer Series

Cut Mixer Series

Meat Process - Cutting Off Machine Series

Rib chopper

Meat Process - Cutting Off Machine Series

Meat slicing and grinding machine

Meat Process - Tenderizing Machine Series

Tenderizing Machine

DetectingandCodePrinting -


Packing - Instant Noodle

Full-servoFull-automatic Packing Machine

Packing - Instant Noodle

Thermal Shrinkage Film Packing Machine

Packing - Ice Cream

SFDF One-Drive-TwoHorizontal Feeding Packing Machine

Packing - Soap

SFDA Full-automatic Packing Machines

Packing - Soap

Automatic Feeding Packing Machine

MeshBelt -

Balanced weave belt

MeshBelt -

Chain driven belt

MeshBelt -

Flat flex belt

MeshBelt -

Plate Belt

MeshBelt -

Roller Chain